Friday, December 14, 2012

Καλά Χριστούγεννα και Καλή Χρόνια !

The holiday season in Greece has been especially strange for me.  Not only is it not freezing cold and snowy and things like pumpkins and cranberries are not to be found, but Christmas is rather unapologetic here.  No politically-correct "Happy Holidays" well wishes or generic "winter parties" - the Greeks have no problem belting out Καλά Χριστούγεννα to one and all.

On Monday we had a Trim the Tree party, complete with American Christmas carols, mulled wine, and an overabundance of fried food, from spring rolls to onion rings (is this what they think we eat all the time?!?).  There have been several Christmas bazaars and street fairs all over town.  It's fun... but not the same as home.

Fortunately, I get to have Christmas at home in the States this year, thanks to my wonderful mother and father and well-timed birthday that allows crossover Birthday/Christmas presents!  

My birthday in Greece, by the way, was fantastic and quite memorable.  We began the day on the Acropolis, where we got to go inside the Parthenon, then I was introduced to Paul, a French patisserie in Athens which will make the next several months oh-so-much better.
Glorious, sunny December day.  Possibly the warmest my birthday has ever been.
Espresso and mini pain-au-chocolat!  For less than two euros!  This is dangerous to know.
The afternoon was relaxed and full of lovely emails from friends and family, and the day ended with drinks and good company on top of Lykavittos Hill, offering fantastic views of Athens and the Acropolis all lit up at night. 

If this is 30, it sure ain't bad.
My bag is packed with books, wine, Christmas presents, and dirty laundry - must be time to go home. 

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