Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates Elsewhere

Yes, I totally failed to update on Shabbat as has been my habit the last few weeks. BUT, for those of you wanting updates from the field, I've written two, count 'em, two updates for the Kelsey Museum blog since my last update here. Die hards, please direct your attention here.

Aside from that, I have not updated because it has been crazy mccrazy time here. After break, it's a flat out sprint for three weeks in the field, and then the paperwork and packing up begins. This season is extra intense because it will be the last excavation summer, before the administrative building we're all working so hard on has to be published. So all the outstanding questions like, how did people get into the building (because we have yet to find an entrance) and what did the Persians walk on (because we have yet to find a floor dating to the Persian period), must now be answered or forever keep their secrets hidden away and subject to speculation.

This strain, coupled with Week 5 (now 6) blahs, is catching up a bit to the team. We've had three emergency room trips in as many days, and the bickering has entered full force. We all try to remember that everyone else is tired, and sometimes we may come off a bit short, or terse, or rude, or selfish, when we don't really mean it. Then a tired person's passing statement gets misinterpreted by a stressed out person, and the cow dung hits the fence, if you know what I mean.

Yes, folks, this is the glamorous world of archaeology.


  1. Kind of like Hell Week in the theatre. Well, I was one of the notewriters, but only because I love reading about what's going on there. I will now go to the link you posted and get caught up. Glad to get your update.

  2. So what happens at Tel Kedesh after this season? Does the Kelsey Museum still send back teams to dig, just unpublished stuff, or does another team take over, or is the site abandoned, or what?

  3. Hee hee, the cow dung hits the fence!

    Also, I miss you.