Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coffee stimulates your urges, it is served in Lutheran churches

I have a problem, dear blog readers. And that problem is that I'm going to run out of coffee at home in about 3-4 days, but I promised the Gods of Moving that I would not buy any more groceries before I move in 13 days. But I also promised the Gods of Finance that I would attempt to be responsible, given all the going away-last minute-I have no food in my house meals and drinks out which will occur in the next couple weeks, thus making the $2 a day to become one of those people who buys overpriced coffee also an inadequate solution.

A sub-version of this problem is that I am going to run out of the cute little #2 coffee filters around the same time, for my scuzzy little coffee maker that I haven't cleaned in 4 years. I recently was gifted a clean, shiny, larger coffee maker courtesy of friend Rachel, courtesy of friend Rachel's future sister-in-law. In my master plan, I was going to throw away the old one when I moved and take the new one with me, thus absolving myself from all coffee maker cleaning. However, I don't want to buy new filters when I know I won't use them all, particularly if I don't have coffee to put in them.

Yes, I realize this might appear to have little to do with archaeology. But you try waking up at 4:15am, six days a week, for eight weeks, and tell me coffee is irrelevant to archaeology. (I feel a little Michael Scott-esque, claiming that signing papers for his condo doesn't count as a personal day off from work, because it pertains to his job as he needs a place to live in order to perform his job.)

So! I turn the question to you, dear readers. Vote in the poll at right anytime between now and Sunday night. I will abide by your collective wisdom.


  1. You were GIFTED? Kate, how could you? That is not how that verb works.

  2. I voted for the $2/day option. You know what? You deserve that shit. You work hard, and you've got to pack soon and you're probably in finals. Besides, do the words "full fellowship at Michigan" ring any bells?

    Also, I'm going to defend your choice in using "was gifted" because according to my Oxford American Dictionary that is actually correct and the verb can be used both actively and passively. Unless there is something I'm missing? Anyway, it seems correct to me.

  3. It's not that it's incorrect, it's that it's a horrible modernized version that sounds all fake-corporate, and is a bad choice when what you mean is "given". Also, I think, in this case, it needs the addition of "with" to make it correct, as in "I recently was gifted with a clean, shiny..." That said, wouldn't, "I was recently given a clean, shiny..." sound so much better? It's like using architect as a verb. It makes my insides shudder.

    Sorry I'm vehement and ridiculous. I am an English teacher (of sorts), after all.

  4. coffee doesn't count as groceries, because you can put it in a bag, let it sit for two months, and still be able to use it. if you don't want to buy small filters, buy a pack of big filters for the other machine and just trim them down. that way when you unpack in your new place, you'll have coffee right off the bat without having to shop for them.

  5. The above comment indicates true genius, but also you could take your extra little filters with you to Isreal if you buy that size. Those little things have a way of coming in handy for other uses.