Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Three-quarter Master

I took my last final for the semester yesterday morning, officially bringing Fall 2008 to a close. I had been worried about surviving my obligations for this semester with sanity intact, but somehow it turned out to be not nearly as taxing as I'd feared.

Know what's even better than making lists of things to do? Making lists of things done!
- Three PhD applications
- Four classes (three of which count to my MA)
- One conference paper written and presented
- One degree program and three committee members
- Two websites/blogs created and updated (counting this one!)
- One AIA-MN newsletter
- Maid of honor duties for one wedding
- Two water polo tournaments
- Thesis paper #2

Well, ok, technically I haven't finished that last one.

Winter break plans include home for a week, back in MN for a while, then AIA's in Philadelphia and family vacation to Disney World. Sometime in there, I have grand plans to finish the Anafa beads paper, read Art as Plunder and The Source (both of which have been languishing on my desk for months), and compose a preliminary Op-Ed piece for a local paper about our ethics class this fall. Exciting!

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